UltraSlim Provides Non-Invasive Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

Don't resort to invasive surgery to get the body you want. Instead, get the toned appearance you've always dreamed of with our non-invasive body shaping procedure.

Only UltraSlim can guarantee that customers will lose at least two inches in just 32 minutes. No other technology comes close!

Unlike other technologies, UltraSlim does not touch the body, but covers an area 23" by 17".

A video comparing UltraSlim, Zerona, and Lipo-Light is on the
Our Technology page.  As you will see, UltraSlim is faster, more effective, covers a larger area, covers that area more uniformly, and does not touch the skin. And since it does not use lasers, it is safer and the regulatory requirements are significantly different.




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Dropped Jean Sizes, Body Shaping Service in Chesterfield, MO
I am pleasantly surprised with my experience at UltraSlim St Louis.  I've struggled with that post-childbirth pooch for longer than I care to admit and tried numerous approaches to eliminating it, but my first treatment resulted in an amazing loss of 6 inches!   If I had not watched the before and after measurements during that session, I never would have believed it was possible.  I can't t wait to see what the full course of treatment can do for me!  -  Michelle F.


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About Us

UltraSlim of St. Louis  in Chesterfield, Missouri, provides body shaping services to men and women throughout the greater St. Louis area who want to transform their bodies. We love helping our customers look younger and slimmer, restoring both their confidence and happiness. Our past customers have helped spread the word about the success of our service after they've experienced permanent fat loss.